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Trish Zimbalatti 


Artist Statement

“Creativity is an essential part of my life, and is absolutely inspiriting. I have an inherent desire to explore, and a pure appreciation of the world around me. I see a simple image and express it in the most complex and beautiful way. The devil is in the details, often taken for granted by the naked eye.

A moment in time captured, details enhanced, and that moment is brought back to life and transformed giving the viewer a new admiration of reality -
my gift to the viewer".

Trish is a contemporary mixed media artist known for the detail in her sculpted and layered images. She received her B.F.A. from Wayne State University and studied at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit in 1984. She worked as a graphic artist for advertising agencies and marketing firms. Preferring to use nature as her palette, Trish became a landscape designer. In search of deeper fulfillment, she departed corporate firms and transitioned into art, applying her design and diverse fine art skills to her images.

Trish’s work was inspired by the raw talent of family members whose work include portrait and china painting, paper tole, and photography. The detail in delicate flower petals in her aunt’s china painting was exquisite. The perspective and detail in her uncle’s black and white photography transformed images.

Drawing inspiration from their work, combined with her profound sense of curiosity, she developed intricate, meticulous, texturizing and sculpting techniques that she applies to her layered images. Not only has she embraced her technique through countless hours of tedious work and several layers of sculpted images, she offers a supremely unique interpretation of realism and has incorporated those techniques in her abstract art. 

The details evident in Trish’s work. She breaks down an image into the smallest details. As each hand-cut piece is delicately placed the work becomes increasingly intricate, a life-like image emerges, elevating her art into a new dimension bringing it back to life.

Trish has been commissioned to do homes, businesses, pets, collectable automobiles, current vehicles and weddings. Her work has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, St. Croix, and Florida. her work is currently on display at Eydel Fine Arts Gallery in Naples FL.


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